Our Mission Why we exist

Welcome to yarraranges.tv, you are visiting a new community news site especially created for those of us living in the Yarra Ranges.
Over the next few months this site is going to grow. And then it is going to grow more, we are going to add sub sites for different localities within the Shire of Yarra Ranges and then hopefully as we begin to gather support we will be able to recruit and train “community journalists” who will further grow the range of stories we will publish on this site. Yarraranges Community TV is a project of P4T, a not for profit organisation which is fostering projects aimed at growing relationships within communities. The stories we want to tell are those about people and organisations whether they be volunteers, business people, enterprises or just ordinary people like you and me. We also see a special role for those who have civic responsibilities within our shire such as the council, police and emergency services.
Of course this is not going to happen without some of you getting on board and making a difference. Already we have received support from the Shire of Yarra Ranges in the form of a grant to tell some specific stories about people who are making a difference, and a number of community groups in the Mooroolbark area such as Mooroolbark Umbrella Group and many individuals beside.
Why do we want to tell these stories? Because we see the need to grow relationships based on geographical communities, and a key to that is familiarity and knowledge. We also want to inspire people to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, by telling stories about people in this shire who are doing quite extraordinary things in many areas of life.
For now that’s enough from me, but stay tuned as we unfold this story together.

CEO of Yarraranges Community TV

Ian Skurrie